Batch Sparge Calculator

Target Pre-Boil Volume : Grain Mass :
Water to Grist Ratio (liters/kilogram or quarts/pound ex: 1.25) : Grain Temperature :
Thermal Loss of Mash Tun for Strike Water Addition(degrees, use 3 for Fahrenheit, 1.7 for Celsius if unsure) :
Desired Mash Temperature : Temperature at End of Mash :
Mash Out / Sparge Goal Temperature :
Grain Absorption Factor (gallons/pound or liters/kilogram ex: .1 for .1 gallons of water per pound grain) :
Units: Gallons/Pounds/Fahrenheit Liters/Kilograms/Celsius

What gives, I'm getting odd results here? Okay, this calculator is trying to be helpful, but it may seem odd at first. If the mashout volume would be less than 10% of your preboil volume, the calculator removes that step and adds it to your sparge water. No reason to heat such a small amount of water it will have litte effect on the mash temperature. But if you, for example, have a very large amount of grain and your water to grain ratio is high enough that your sparge water would be a small amount, less than 18% of your preboil volume, the calculator just moves that volume to a mash out and you won't have to worry about sparging. These are fairly randomly selected numbers, and I'm open to changing them or even making them settable by the user. Give me feedback!

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